5 Qualities Translation Companies Seek in a Freelance Translator

There are a lot of freelancers that want to work for companies. Freelance translators are always looking for the next big thing in their lives and a good paying translation company is something that they usually look forward to. However, being a freelancer and working for a company are two different things.

You will have to renounce some things that you used to do when working as a freelancer and adopt methods and the mentality of someone who works for a company aka an employee. So, what are the five qualities that translation companies seek in a freelance translator?

1. Flexibility

Working for a company after working for quite some while on your own is an ability that not every freelancer possesses. As a freelancer, you had your own program, you decided when to wake up, how much you had to work every day, what project to choose and so on.

But when you work in a company, you have a specific program, probably a shorter deadline and you don’t have all the freedom that you used to have when working solo.

2. The ability to work with a team

If you worked alone for a long period of time, you probably realized that you have more control over the final product. But you also realized that when you had a question or some troubles solving a problem, you had no one to help you.

The ability to work with a team is one of those things that will either make your job easier or harder. The better you cooperate with your colleagues, the better the results will be and the process will be a lot faster. Many translation companies search for this quality.

3. You must be organized

A company will want you to be as organized as possible. That means that you will no longer work on your projects whenever you desire. No, you will have to respect those eight to ten hours of work per day. It is a bummer, especially if you like to work at night, but if your program starts at eight a.m., you will have to respect it.

If you cannot be organized, you will probably make things harder for your colleagues. That can result in you being fired, so try your best not to screw things up.

4. Experience

Every company is searching for experienced workers. Why? It is because they save a lot of time and money by hiring experienced employees as opposed to rookies. They know what to do, what problems to solve, how to tackle a situation and so on.

They do not need daily monitoring and they will probably end up making a better product than most companies expect. So, if you have enough experience in this field (at least 3 years), you might end up getting a decent salary even from the beginning.

5. Knowledge and education are primordial

Professional translation requires a lot of knowledge and people who lack it are usually not hired. The same thing can be said about education. If you a have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in translation, you will have a better chance of getting hired with a high salary than someone who has no education in this field.


So, those are the five qualities that translation companies seek in freelance translators. If you’re looking for a translation company, be sure to check Pick Writers and get some tips from the best in the field. Also, if you need a translation, you should know that the prices are low and the quality of the service is top-notch.

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