6 Essential Characteristics of a Great Translation Agency

Looking for essential characteristics that make a translation agency great can be a daunting task, but once you know them, you will know where your service stands or where to go if you want to get hired. Every translator that wants to work for a company needs to do a bit of research first.

We will take a look at six essential characteristics of a great translation agency. We are sure that many of you have an idea or two of what these characteristics might be, but we can assure you that there are many factors that make a translation service great. So, without further ado, let’s check them out:

1. The translators are paid quickly

The first thing you will want to hear, especially if you are looking to get hired by a translation company, is that translators are paid on time. A company that respects its workers is an excellent one from the get-go. However, not all companies are like that, so consider yourself lucky if you are working in one that does pay you fast.

Getting paid fast for each project can make all the difference. So, if you are looking to improve the way you interact with your team, just pay them quickly and you will get excellent results in the long run.

2. You are not asked to sign “NDAs”

Non-Disclosure Agreements are designed to protect the confidentiality of any translated document and it is something that you will see often in many translation companies. This agreement is an insult to many translators because it comes with all sorts of questionable practices.

Basically, this agreement can prevent you from being competitive, the company can own your translation, your home office can be audited from time to time by a translation agency, you will undergo background checks and drug tests among many others.

So, if you are looking for a job in this line of business and you see this, then you know that the company doesn’t respect its employees. Also, if you plan to go into business, don’t offer NDAs to your translators.

3. Good salaries

A good translation service will offer excellent salaries to its translators. On top of that nice salary, you can also get all sorts of benefits. Some might be financial, others medical, maybe day offs, free transportation, free lunch or gym subscriptions.

An excellent translation service will not change only the way you work but also your life, so take that into account, no matter if you are an employee or an employer.

4. It respects its employees

A great translation agency treats everyone equally. Respect and friendship will make any company last for a long time and it will improve its services. An understanding and friendly employer will make his employee happy. As a result, the client will be happy and satisfied.

5. Quality services

A great translation agency wants to satisfy its customers at any cost and it does so by providing high-quality services and products. This happens through hard work and by choosing the right translators for the job. A top-notch translation business knows when to take the right decision.

6. It communicates well with its clients

A good translation agency must communicate well with its clients. They have to provide a consultation of sorts and the more they communicate, the more projects and clients they will receive. If you own a company and want to evolve, you will have to try to connect with your clients in a friendly and professional manner.


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