Accurate Human Translation in Literature

Literary translation can be one of the most complicated types of translation because it requires the use of both languages idioms, contexts, metaphors, artistic sense, and much more. The amount of work that goes into translating a piece of literature is more complex than other translation jobs.

So, if you’re someone looking to translate a book, you may want to consider a few factors before choosing the translation method you’ll be using.

How Much Does Your Literature Rely on Language Expressions?

I’ll give you an example. If you were to take a popular saying from English, such as “killing two birds with one stone,” a person will read this and understand the meaning behind the words. It literally doesn’t mean killing two birds with one stone; instead, it means taking care of two problems at the same time. If you were to put this through some translation programs, they may fail to translate the context of those words and will translate it very literally.

So, if you’re thinking about using machine translation programs, do NOT expect them to accurately translate these types of terms. If your book features these types of language expressions, then you would better hire a professional to translate your work instead.

What Can a Professional Translator Offer Me?

A professional translator who specializes in translating literature can offer you much more than programs or regular human translators can. The reason for this is that they focus more on translating the ideas instead of just blatantly translating the text word for word.

This comes as a huge benefit for you as you would not want your book to come off as flat and boring in another language.

Where Should I Look for a Professional Translator?

There are many places you can look online for a translator. There are firms that focus solely on translating literature, and honestly, it’s better to hire a team of writers rather than just one because they can help build off each other’s work.

I would not recommend hiring a freelance translator unless you know that they are capable of translating similar work. Pick Writers offers a solid platform for finding professional translators based on your specific needs. I would be sure to check this site before attempting to browse the Internet.

The Best Translator to Hire

As mentioned before, a team of writers is always going to be helpful when it comes to perspective; however, one key factor is finding a translator who is fluent in both languages.

Most of the time, these will be people who are bilingual since birth and have lived speaking two or more separate languages while growing up. These individuals will most likely give your work a run for its money and be able to get your ideas across.

Estimating the Pricing

Pricing can sometimes be difficult to estimate because it is highly dependent on how long your book is, which languages do you want it translated from, etc.

Most likely, you’re going to find most people asking rates of at least .20$/word, but yet again this price can change. It will be best to find some websites and do a little bit of research when it comes to how much you should pay to get your translation.


Hopefully, you’ll understand that translation is not an easy job and you’re going to find a very wide range of different translation services whether they be human or applications.

Just remember that if you want your book to have the same impact it does in your language, you must find a translator who knows how to translate that specific type of writing.

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