7 Negative Aspects of Being a Translator

So, you want to be a translator. Well, that is a fine career that will bring a lot of benefits that most other jobs do not offer. You will be able to help people with their letters, manuals, literature, official documents and so on. It is a beautiful career that brings a lot of joy and satisfaction.

However, like with any other career, you can expect some drawbacks that can make your job not so pleasant. Let’s take a look at seven negative aspects of being a translator.

1. You have to invest plenty of time in it

In order to be a professional translator, you will have to invest a lot of time in your education. There are courses designed specifically for this domain. Are you up for spending a couple of years on these courses? Can you afford to invest in your education? There is no other way around it, that is if you want to work with a translation service.

2. You have to invest a lot of money

Besides investing in your education, you will also have to invest in various tools to help you with your translations. For example, you will have to invest into dictionaries for both languages, in instruction manuals, in all sorts of books and translation software.

It’s needless to say that you will have to pay thousands of dollars, money that you will hopefully recover with this career.

3. You will get impatient

The translation process can take anywhere from hours to weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the project. It is a long process and if you are an impatient person, your job will end up being tedious. That means that sooner or later, you will want to change some things or quit your job.

4. At first, you won’t get a big salary

If you are into translating for a huge salary, then you will be disappointed. Yes, you will probably get a decent salary, but that’s all. If you want more, you will probably have to work for a long period and take on bigger and more complex projects. Or you would have to become a freelancer.

5. Dealing with deadlines and stress

For every project, you will have a certain deadline. This means that if you want to keep your job, you will have to present the finished product on time. There will be times when you won’t feel so good, when you will be bored and have no energy but you will have to respect the deadline. You will be so stressed that it will be almost impossible to focus on your job.

7. Working with other people

Some clients can deliver outrageous instructions and even if you manage to please them, you won’t get paid extra. And if clients can be annoying, your boss can be a difficult person as well. The same thing can be said about your colleagues.

These are just some factors that can make your job a living hell, so get ready for it.

8. Freelancing

If you thought that working for a company is hard, try freelancing. You will probably starve for a couple of weeks or months until you get some projects. It is hard to build a reputation on freelancing platforms and you will have to be very organized and careful with your money. It is not an easy task and it can make you quit freelancing in an instant.


So, do you still want to be a translator or not? Meanwhile, if you are searching for a professional translation service, then look no further than Pick Writers.

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